Cooperation is the eternal theme of enterprise development. In the 21st century today, the cooperative development and co-operation of the model in the Sichuan cotton is fully reflected, there are many powerful enterprises or individuals in this way to achieve success, they are in the Sichuan stage this reflects the value of their own , Through their professionalism and scale, so that both sides have been developed to enhance the visibility and competitiveness of both sides.

Open Sichuan cotton hope and people with lofty ideals in a number of areas to cooperate, such as raw materials, sewage treatment, logistics and transportation, catering and other aspects, give full play to different competitive advantages, co-operation model co-operation in the market competition development of.

Sichuan chuanmian printing and dyeing co., LTD

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Add:Sichuan Province, Jintang County, Huai Town, textile printing and dyeing industry concentrated development area



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